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There are members of the Transnational and Transracial Adoption Group who are willing to take part in interviews with the media about the issues involved in transnational and transracial adoption. Many are also willing to talk about their own experience of adoption, search for identity, search for and reunion with birth relatives, and reconnection with country and culture of origin. We have members living in England, Scotland, Canada and Australia who are willing to talk to the media.

To date we have worked with a range of radio stations, newspapers, magazines and television companies. For example, TTAG members have taken part in interviews with BBC Breakfast News, Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Southampton, The Guardian, Times Online, Daily Mail, Children Now and Red magazine, and we have met with a number of television companies regarding specific programmes (e.g. Found by Leopard Films for BBC television) and proposals for new programmes.

To request our involvement in your programme or article, please email, being as specific as possible about what you would like from us:

Here are some examples of newspapers articles TTAG members have been interviewed for:

From El Salvador To Preston - The Guardian 12/08/06


Adoption Abroad - The Independent 22/10/06

Too posh to adopt? - The Guardian 17/06/08

Race dilemma at the heart of our adoption crisis - The Observer 06/07/08

"Bringing Transnational and Transracial Adoptees Together"

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